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The Rebel Princess

An electrifying tale of love, passion, and rebellion, starring the legendary Zhang Ziyi (Memoirs of a Geisha).

The Method

Two police investigators apply their skills to the most heinous of crimes.

Little Bride

A bright young girl has her hopes dashed, when her father arranges a marriage for her.

Secrets at the Hotel

Enthralling telenovela set at a hotel where every character has a secret, and where fates collide.

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Ocean Wild

4 x 60'
Dive deep beneath the waters of the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand and discover some of the ocean’s greatest mysteries.

Asia's Ancient Civilizations

4 x 60'
Journey across Southeast Asia to explore the empires that that shaped and defined the course of world history.

Cosmic Odessy

6 x 52'
From the beginning of time, to the space-craft of the future, this series explores humanity's tireless quest for other worlds.

Secrets of the Universe

8 x 30'
Dive into the heart of a supermassive black hole, fly down onto the toxic landscapes of alien planets and ride along the roiling surface of a star that’s about to explode!

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Nick the Inventor

Ten-year-old Nick is an inventor. Using his 3D printer, he creates robots that have artificial intelligence.


The world is a mystery to little Booba, but he approaches it with wonder.

Fun Farm

Wacky 3D adventures with farmyard animals that are full of character.

Mind Blowing Breakthroughs

Edutainment, exploring the lives of famous individuals in history.